Jose Angel García was born in Gijón, Spain, in 1971. He developed an interest for drawing and artwork at an early age. At the School of Arts and Crafts in Oviedo, he studied graphic design and advertising illustration. It was here that he truly found passion as an artist and where he began to nurture his style. He spent his early years in Asturias where he worked as an illustrator, sign maker and events decorator at the Asturias Fair Exhibition Centre.

In 2004 he moves to Madrid in search of new horizons. There, he began working in a framing and print store. It was here that he honed his skills at sales and marketing. During this period he also worked in interior design. These experiences helped give him a broad view into both interior design and commercial art.

In 2014 Jose Angel voyaged to County Cork, Ireland with family. Living and travelling the country, he discovered a rich history and memorable irish traditions. This experience left a lasting impression on him while also helping to evolve his style.

 His art

Although he was a self-taught artist, he has been influenced by very good teachers and valuable people who taught him techniques which influenced his own style and interpretation. His skill in drawing and painting started in commercial art, when he started a business in interior decoration.

The most frequent works for decorative projects to order are replicas of posters, logos, advertising or motifs extracted from art books. The study of themed books are the basis for producing thematic and commercial decorations with realism. Other times, his works are original projects picked from the fruit of inspiration, travels and experiences. These influences can come from anywhere: visits to museums, reading, and even discovering new cultures.

As a multimedia artist, he paints on canvases, wood, fabrics, walls, upcycling furniture, clay pots, and in short, on any surface for decorative purposes. In addition to flat surfaces, he produces pieces for scenery, props and floats. He views himself as an artist in the service of interior decoration. Throughout his life, he has combined his creativity with other jobs related to art, design and interior decoration.