13 Wild—and Apparently Real—Sex Scenes From ‘Sex in addition to populous City’. MORE: Lost Footage: Carrie’s Opening Sequence on ‘Sex plus the City’ Could’ve Been THIS

Being an unapologetic “SATC” superfan We have constantly wondered: whom bisexual men the hell really has encounters like the“Sex that is crazy the City” intercourse scenes that took place on the show? I’ve lived in Manhattan my life, had been solitary for many years, decided to go to pubs, took cabs, went to events, and chatted to sailors during Fleet Week, yet I’ve never had anybody call me a bitch that is“fucking or “nasty whore” during intercourse, I’ve never traipsed via a firehouse nude, and I’ve definitely never ever, uh, serviced my hot UPS guy.

Turns, out we might be when you look at the minority right here.

MORE: Lost Footage: Carrie’s Opening Sequence on ‘Sex and also the City’ Could’ve Been THIS

A year ago, Cynthia Nixon allow it fly that each single among the intercourse situations in the show took place in actual life.

“They had a guideline within the writer’s space that absolutely absolutely nothing, they couldn’t put any such thing in a episode that didn’t literally occur to some body within the authors’ space or somebody they knew firsthand, ” Nixon said during an IMDb Asks meeting. “It couldn’t be my father’s brother’s sister’s footwear repair guy — the outlandish intimate, real items that occurred … actually did take place. ”

Well then. In honor of me personally finally obtaining the response I became in search of, listed below are 13 crazy “SATC” scenarios that actually might be true.

Enough time Samantha had sex that is screaming a fireman, slides down the firehouse pole in a slide gown, has intercourse with him against a fire truck, and places on another firefighter’s uniform—and ultimately ends up naked if the alarm bands.

Enough time Samantha has got to smoke cigarettes weed to attempt to have sexual intercourse with “Mr Cocky”—a dull dude with an astronomically penis. But still can’t take action.

Enough time Charlotte becomes therefore enthusiastic about her brand new $92 vibrator—the Rabbit—that she breaks plans together with her buddies in which to stay all and use it night.

The full time Samantha masturbates “all afternoon” about Friar Fuck—a priest that is hot came across from the street.

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The full time Charlotte has intercourse with Alexander Lumley, a sweet investment banker, in which he yells out “you fucking bitch, you nasty whore” each and every time he orgasms.

Enough time Samantha agrees up to a threesome by having a hot couple—who that is gay chooses they don’t wish her.

Enough time Samantha agrees up to a threesome by having a hot couple—who that is gay chooses they don’t wish her.

Enough time Miranda takes house an other jogger, has intercourse with him, and freaks away because he licks her butt.

The full time girls head to a tantric intercourse workshop and unexpectedly got addressed to a real time intercourse demo by their teacher.

The full time Samantha solutions her Worldwide that is hot Express inside her workplace, and makes use of porn-y lines like “that’s quite a package. ”

The full time Charlotte fulfills “Mr. Pussy, ” a guy who’s enthusiastic about heading down on females. And would go to city for a fig.

The full time Samantha conveniently satisfies a hot young farmer in the united states, milks their cow, than trips him within the barn.

Enough time Samantha inadvertently dyes her general general public locks scarlet after finding a grey locks because Smith “enjoys the full bush. ”

Enough time Samantha masturbates to your sound of her next-door next-door neighbors sex—and that is having in terms of to ring their doorbell to locate a threesome.

Initially posted January 2016. Updated June 2017.